8 Of The Most Terrifying Moments Ever Caught On Live TV

Live TV has changed the way we watch Television.

#8 The O.J. Simpson Car Chase And Trial

New technology changes the way our lives work. It makes a difference that can change many aspects of our lives regardless of whether or not it wants to. One such piece of technology was live television. Live TV was introduced in 1957. Before that, most of the television broadcast was brought to us with the help of taped TV shows and movies.

This changed the way people viewed television.Whether it was the field of sports, politics, music, or even news, live television allowed for watching something at the same time as everyone else and even missing it if you didn't watch it. Of course like everything else live television has had its share of good and bad. This list is a compilation of some of the most shocking events to take place on live television. This list has 8 such videos allowing you to relive those moments in history. Whether you were present when they happened or whether you missed it you can watch them all here. With 8 videos on 8 different pages.

O.J Simpson is a retired American football player. He was America's sweetheart till he was accused of killing his wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994. Even if you weren't one of 95 million Americans who sat glued to their television to watch the entire thing you probably already know about this. It was the slow-speed police pursuit that interrupted an NBA playoff game and kicked off the national obsession with car chases.

The car chase and trial proceedings were telecast by numerous news stations and garnered huge TV ratings for news channels. This Car chase shown below was only a pre-cursor of things to follow. The car chase shows OJ trying to escape the police on a white Ford Bronco while Det. Tom Lange of the LAPD tries to convince him to throw his gun out the window. The OJ Simpson car chase is one that is burned into the audiences mind. It changed the audiences perception of a famous and lovable person. And it also changed the stories covered by live TV. The OJ Simpson case is just the start of our list, watch the video below then go to the next page to watch the next big LIVE TV event. They range from natural disasters to on-screen suicides, they are all sure to shock you.

#7 Rodney King Riots In Los Angeles

Rodney King was an American taxi driver who became nationally known after being beaten by Los Angeles Police Department officers. A witness George Holliday not only watched it happen but also videotaped most of it. The Footage which shows four police officers repeatedly striking King was sent to the local news station KTLA. The footage was aired all around the country which inflamed outrage in cities with high racial tension.

The four officers were charged with use of excessive force and assault with a deadly weapon. Three out of 4 accused were acquitted of all charges. The fourth got away with the Jury being unable to make a firm decision. The acquittals of the 4 officers is what is generally believed to be the cause of the riots. The Rodney King riots lasted for 4 days and resulted in death of 53 people and over 2000 injuries.

Thanks to round the clock live coverage, people across the nation got to witness events such as looting, arson, assault and even killings on their TVs in their living rooms. Thousands of people took part in this riot which lasted for over 6 days and resulted in millions of dollars of public and private loss of property in destruction. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the Detroit Riot of 1967. And yet the next page has live coverage of an event that took many more lives and was far larger in scale. Go to the next page to find out what it is.

#6 2011 Japanese Tsunami

The Tsunami is one of the worst natural disasters known to man. The Japanese Tsunami of 2011 caused damages of around $235 billion dollars to property and over 13,000 people lost their lives. The tsunami waves were caused by the largest earthquake to ever hit Japan.

Hollywood movies had glamorised natural disasters and the way they look but when actual people were shown stuck in places, suffering under the effects of the floods people became uncomfortable. The Tsunami caused waves of over 40 meters. They easily brought large towns and even cities to their knees,and swiftly to their watery graves.People all over Japan were affected by the the Tsunami. The natural disaster relief teams did everything they could to ease the pain the people felt. But such a disaster viewed on live TV made people believe in the force of mother nature. Go to the next page to watch man-made hopes fail on live television.

#5 Challenger Space Shuttle Tragedy

January 8th 1986 turned into one of the most tragic days in US history, when space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds into its flight into space. All 7 of its crew members lost their lives in the process. CNN and many other major news channels aired the story live. The event was viewed by almost whole of America and many parts of the world where the footage was aired. The failure of the NASA space mission brought in shocked reactions from all around the world.

The lift-off happened at scheduled time, despite warnings of cold temperature. The flight had a high school teacher, Christa McAuliffe who was on the shuttle as a part of NASA's 'Teachers in space program'. Challenger shuttle's explosion led to grounding of any flights by NASA for a period of 2 years. Go to the next page to watch a live assassination on live television.

#4 Lee Harvey Oswald assassination

Lee Harvey Oswald was the sniper who shot and killed US president John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas Texas.Oswald was initially apprehended over the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit. Tippit was fatally shot on a Dallas street approximately 45 minutes after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. While the shooting of one of Americas most popular presidents is quite a controversy in itself the death of his assassin on live television only helps strengthen the conspiracy.

A mere 2 days after the assassination Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by night club owner Jack Ruby. The incident took place while he was in the process of being transferred from police headquarters to county jail. The video below shows the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald exactly as it happened. Go to the next page to watch something even more disturbing than this.

#3 Christine Chubbuck's Live On-Air Suicide

Christine Chubbuck was an American television news reporter who worked for WTOG and WXLT-TV in Florida. She had battled major clinical depression her entire life. Even attempting to take her own life by drug overdose once in 1970. She gained permission from the news director about doing a piece on suicides, the director - not knowing her plans - gave her the nod to go ahead with it.

Using the suicide story as a cover she visited the local Sherrif's department to gain information on suicide methods. On the day of the suicide she confused co-workers by claiming she had to read a newscast to open her program. During the first eight minutes of her program, Chubbuck covered three national news stories and then a shooting from the previous day at local restaurant Beef & Bottle. When one of the tapes of the reports got jammed, she continued on and said "In keeping with Channel 40's policy of bringing you the latest in 'blood and guts', and in living color, you are going to see another first - attempted suicide."

With these last words she pulled out a revolver and shot herself behind the right ear. During her research an officer told her one of the most efficient ways to commit suicide was to use a .38 caliber revolver with wadcutter target bullets, and to shoot oneself in the back of the head rather than in the temple.Several viewers who were watching the news called the station asking whether the shooting was real or not. Chubbuck died 14 hours later in the hospital. The video was destroyed to honor the family and her death. Go to the next page to watch one of the most important events in human history - the moon landing.

#2 The Moon Landing

The moon landing was a futuristic event happening in the present. It was a life changing moment for humankind itself. And we were all fortunate enough to get live footage of every second. Over 600 million people watched the moon landing in 1969.

The Moon landing served to inspire millions of people. It was an ode to just what we humans were capable of doing. Astronaut Neil Armstrong immortalized the moment by saying his now famous line,"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." As this video shows one of the brightest moments of mankind, the next displays on of the darkest. One that most of us had to live through. This list would not be complete without the video on the next page.

#1 9/11 Terrorist Attacks on World Trade Center

People who watched television on the morning of September 11, 2001 were in for a visual which shook them to their core. The 9/11 attacks are etched into the minds of all Americans. A plane crashed into the World Trade center tower and as soon as major news channels started covering the event, another plane crashed into the second tower of the world famous buildings. The impact and the explosions in the parking lot of the towers brought down the 2 towers.

Before that, the 110 storey towers burned bright even in the daytime in an attack coordinated by terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The day left America with haunting memories in form of videos of the crash and subsequent destruction.

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