The Finalists Of The 2016 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Translate

These pictures are stunning...

"Blast Furnace" By The Photographer Alexandre Hec From France

Seeing pictures like this can easily make anyone's day. This is genius, isn't it?

"Thistle-Plucker" By The Photographer Isaac Aylward From UK

This linnet was spotted by the photographer as he was hiking in Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains. Looks absolutely stunning, right? Too good!

"Golden Relic" By The Photographer Dhyey Shah From India

There are only 2,500 mature adults left in the wild, found only in some parts of the northeastern India (Assam) and Bhutan forest and capturing them is a huge deal. Beautiful!

"The Disappearing Fish" By The Photographer Iago Leonardo From Spain

This is definitely a masterpiece by Iago. You got to love this!

"Playing Pangolin" By The Photographer Lance Van De Vyver From New Zealand/South Africa

I wish I could take pictures like this...

"Crystal Precision" By The Photographer Mario Cea From Spain

The precision man, the precision! This just blows my mind.

"Collective Courtship" By The Photographer Scott Portelli From Australia

Another masterpiece here. This is just so amazing!

"Termite Tossing" By The Photographer Willem Kruger From South Africa

How amazing is this now. Perfect, right? Look at that Termite between the beak!

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