Guy Proves How Facebook Is Listening To Everything We Say

Facebook provides us with all the relatable posts every time. Maybe it knows what we're looking for!

#3 Relatable Posts

#3 Relatable Posts

Have you ever noticed when you check your feed everything on it interests you? Even the most random posts from the pages that you may have not even liked come to your screen exactly when you're looking for it!

How does it happen? This curiosity led a man to perform an experiment. He feels that maybe Facebook is listening to us all and that is how it comes up with all interesting and relatable things. Let's see what he does in the experiment.

#2 Facebook is listening to us

#2 Facebook is listening to us

So, this man feels that Facebook is listening to us and taking keywords from what we say and then suggesting the ads that come across while we browse our feed. So he did a simple experiment to check if it's true.

And the results? Oh, they're going to actually shock you! Want to know what he did? Check out the video below!

#1 The Experiment

Here's what he does

He keeps talking about cat-food while he does not, in reality, have a cat! Two days later, he gets a suggested ad on his Facebook feed which proves that Facebook is actually listening to us all!

Check out this experiment in this video!

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