Weird obsessions would lead you to nowhere!

#5 Extreme Plastic Surgery

#5 Extreme Plastic Surgery

The obsession for looking absolutely perfect leading to extreme plastic surgeries are clearly not a new unusual thing! Remember this girl who went under the knife numerous times to look like a Barbie doll?

Well, the newest among these fanatics is a 19-yr-old Iranian girl Sahar Tarbar.

#4 Meet Sahar Tarbar

#4 Meet Sahar  Tarbar

Here's how she looked after going through numerous plastic surgeries to look like her model Angelina Jolie! She says that she is the biggest fan of her and would do anything to look like her!

We can only say that she looks far from how Jolie looks and if she actually did it, it has to be the biggest mistake of her life!

#3 The Changed Face

#3 The Changed Face

She has changed pretty much every part of her face to resemble the Hollywood star Angeline Jolie and sadly had lost her beautiful face to look as hideous as this!

Want to know how she looked before she underwent these surgeries? Read on to know!

#2 The Original Picture

#2 The Original Picture

Here's how she looked before going under the knife! Now, what I don't understand is the fact that, why a person who looks naturally so beautiful has to undergo a surgery to look like someone? One should always be comfortable in their own skin, but people don't get this straight!

Reportedly, this girl underwent 50 plastic surgeries to look like her role model. his includes a nose job and surgeries to make her lips fuller and her cheekbones more defined. But hasn't she gone too far in her pursuit of the perfect face? And that's not all, he has lost 77 pounds of weight to resemble Jolie's slim look!

#1 The Truth

#1 The Truth

Everything said and done, the reports of her undergoing 50 surgeries are unconfirmed yet and some people have speculated that she may not have even undergone any surgery and these pictures are just a product of a clever Photoshop wizard! With Photoshop getting all easier, it is not a difficult task after all!

Whatever the truth is, going under the knife just for the sake of looking like a celebrity is stupid nonetheless!

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