10 Graceful Women Line Up, But Keep Your Eye On The One In The Very Back

No one could take their eyes away.

Spain Swimming Synchronized

Spain Swimming Synchronized

Beautiful 10 ladies gracefully stand up and with the start of the music starts their magical performance. Their performance was hypnotising and beautiful. With all grace and elegance, they looked like angels doing acrobats. They were actually electrifying. The way they bought a new twist to their performance was so amazing that even 2017 is discussing it. Let's know about it.

2009 World Aquatic Championship

2009 World Aquatic Championship

The 2009 World Aquatics Championships in Rome, witnessed a performance that made its way to millions of hearts. This performance won the gold medal in World Championship by their beautiful display of artistic movement, athleticism and breathing control. They had performed on one of the most famous music of Led Zeppelin, "Stairway to Heaven". They threw aside the the classic synchronized swimming song and opted for something amazing and trend setting.


The audience couldn't take their eyes off and were left stunned. This totally unique and newly twisted swimming synchronized is something that is going to win your heart forever. Have a look at it and forget not to appreciate them. This Spain Swimming Synchronized proves that sometimes doing something off the track and adding a twist is not always bad. Change is good.

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