Even the Judges Couldn’t Tear Their Eyes Away From Her Dress

She's incredible

#3 Take A Pause

#3 Take A Pause

A brief drift from our daily mundane life does not really harm anyone, does it? So, here we are, providing you a breather amidst your routine life that you're surely going to love!

Before we go into further details, this one's going to be more enjoyable for all you dance lovers out there!

#2 The Dance Of Love

#2 The Dance Of Love

We're going to show you a breathtaking performance that's called "Dance of love". Ever heard of that before? No, not a problem! We'll introduce you to this incredible performance which is the most popular kind of rumba dance.

Also called as Guaguancó, during this performance, the man tries to touch his partner’s thighs while she tries to avoid this happening, attempting to calm his daring advances.

Go ahead to watch the incredible performance!

#1 The Performance

Watch how beautifully this couple performs this dance form! Another incredible aspect of this performance is the woman's dress, nobody including the judges can take their eyes off her dress!

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