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The Social Media Trend

The Social Media Trend

The social media trend that urged the iPhone users to speak the number 108 to Siri which is going viral these days is annoying the police departments in the USA terribly. So, the question is what happens when the iPhone users say 108 to Siri? Let us know it here!

What Happens When You Say 108 To SIRI?

What Happens When You Say 108 To SIRI?

So, when you utter the number 108 to Siri, you will get the response "calling emergency services in five seconds," and then it calls 911. As an emergency feature, it is really convenient as it requires you call out just a number to Siri, but people are exploiting this safety feature for their fun! And it is really annoying the police department in the States.

Most phones redirect the call to the local emergency numbers when they dial 911 or 112.

The Warning Issued By Police

Police have issued a warning to not use this number unless you are in an emergency situation. Here it goes, "This prank is already spreading among Annapolis teens and has the potential to dangerously tie up 911 phone systems preventing emergency calls from being answered quickly,” Maryland’s Annapolis Police Department announced. “Don’t fall for this prank.

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