Olympic Skater's 'Irish Dance' Brings Entire Stadium To Their Feet

The entire audience was on its feet by the end of his performance!

Reel Around the Sun

Reel Around the Sun

When the U.S. National Champion Figure Skater Jason Brown along with his trainer and choreographer was trying to come up with an incredible routine that would make his performance stand out from the crowd, he couldn't believe when his trainer suggested that should skate to "Reel Around The Sun" from the popular Irish Riverdance show.

The Best Decision Made

The Best Decision Made

And it was, by all means, the best decision of his life and it was clear from the appreciation and cheering he got from the crowd during his performance! He left everyone spellbound by the end of his performance! Even the commentators were floored by his terrific and incredibly improved moves. The moves that were difficult for him years ago, he performed all of them with utmost grace in this performance! What an improvement!

Watch his performance in the video amazed, I am sure you'll be as amazed as the crowd is in the video!

The Terrific Performance

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