These are the 10 things every WWE fan should know about Dutch Mantel

Dutch Mantel played a crucial role in Stone Cold Steve Austin's career by giving him his ring name.

He had a babyface vs. babyface feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler in the Memphis territory.

Dutch Mantel formed a cowboy-themed faction called The Desperados in WCW.

In WWE, he first appeared as Uncle Zebekiah, manager to The Blu Brothers.

Mantel booked Puerto Rico’s IWA and later worked for Impact Wrestling, where he created the Knockouts Division.

In 2013, he portrayed the anti-immigrant heel manager Zeb Colter to Jack Swagger.

He later became the manager to a returning Alberto Del Rio, and they proclaimed the formation of a new country called MexAmerica.

Mantel served as the narrator for the popular Vice documentary series Dark Side of the Ring in 2019.

He was present for the murder of Bruiser Brody in a Puerto Rican locker room in 1988, inspiring him to devise the concept of Wrestlers Court.

Dutch Mantel's legacy in wrestling includes his captivating career, his contributions to the development of future legends, and his innovations in the industry.