Barbie's takeover in theaters has sparked intense interest among collectors and resellers of the iconic dolls.

Pop culture expert and collector Joel Magee, known as "The Toy Scout," confirms the surge in Barbie's popularity since the movie promotion started.

Fans are not only interested in watching the movie but also want to own the source material, driving up demand for Barbie dolls.

Barbie, which first appeared in the 1950s, remains highly sought-after today, with rare editions expected to hit auction blocks.

Prices for Barbie dolls have seen significant markups, with some going for $150 or more, especially the 1959 debut doll, which can fetch up to $20,000.

Joel Magee has been collecting toys and vintage collectibles for 30 years, making him an expert in the field.

He recently concluded a large auction of over 1,400 vintage theme park items from his collection with Van Eaton Galleries.

Joel advises both buyers and sellers in the Barbie doll market to act now due to the current high demand.

Barbie's enduring popularity proves its timeless appeal to people of all ages.

The movie promotion is expected to bring more attention to Barbie dolls, leading to potential valuable finds.

Collectors and enthusiasts are keeping a close eye on the market for rare Barbie editions.