Michael Cera's portrayal of the long-forgotten Allan doll in the new "Barbie" movie has left a strong impact on fans.

Fans are now making a fortune by selling their own Allan dolls in response to his newfound popularity.

Allan's character has become a fan favorite due to his role as an unsung hero in the movie's plot.

Mattel, the company behind Barbie, has not announced plans to re-release the Allan doll despite its rising popularity.

The lack of new Allan dolls from Mattel has caused a surge in their value on the open marketplace.

Initially, old Allan dolls were listed on eBay for cheap, ranging from $35 to $76.

After the movie's successful weekend, prices for Allan dolls have skyrocketed, with most listings now priced at least $150, and some going for $300 and higher.

This surge in demand and value is a result of basic economics, as the popularity of the "Barbie" movie has increased interest in the Allan doll.

While Mattel won't directly benefit from the resale market, private sellers have the opportunity to profit from the movie's success.

The Allan doll was originally introduced in 1964 as a friend of Ken's but was discontinued a few years later.

Despite Mattel's decision not to re-release Allan, the character's resurgence has sparked a profitable secondary market for collectors and sellers.