Former world champion Brock Lesnar may retire soon.

Lesnar has slowed down in recent years and changed his character to "Cowboy Brock."

WWE may have plans for Lesnar's retirement that he's not aware of.

Reports suggest Lesnar might retire after WrestleMania 40.

WWE may force Lesnar to retire by losing to a star of their choosing.

In the past, WWE has forced legends to retire by losing to specific stars.

WWE may have already decided on Gable Steveson as the perfect opponent for Lesnar.

Steveson is a wrestler who won a gold medal at the Olympic Games and is yet to appear in WWE programming.

Steveson shares many traits with Lesnar and has an All-American Wrestling background.

With a good mouthpiece, Steveson could debut as "The Next Big Thing" and defeat Lesnar in his last-ever match.

Lesnar also emerged as "The Next Big Thing" in WWE and was one of the best characters in the company's history.

The retirement match between Lesnar and Steveson could be a highly anticipated event in WWE.