Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater's surprise romance led to the breakup of Slater's marriage with Lilly Jay.

Lilly Jay, Slater's now-estranged wife, feels devastated and abandoned by her husband's actions.

Their young son, born in August 2022, will be affected by the split as he won't have both parents around constantly.

Ariana used to hang out with Ethan and Lilly while they were still married, even liking his Instagram tribute to Lilly on Mother's Day.

Lilly feels betrayed and heartbroken by the situation.

Ariana and Ethan are trying to be respectful of their exes while pursuing their new relationship.

Ariana and Ethan first met on the set of "Wicked" and their relationship developed from there.

Sources claim both Ariana and Ethan were already separated from their spouses before getting together.

Divorce is likely on the horizon for Ariana and Dalton Gomez, though no official filings yet.

The situation between Lilly and Ethan seems irreparable, and divorce may also be on the way for them.

Emotions are high due to the public nature of the situation, with friends trying to support Lilly during this challenging time.