Sinéad O'Connor, a mother, was deeply anguished before her death.

She expressed heartache over her 17-year-old son's suicide.

She referred to herself as an "undead night creature" since his passing.

Sinéad shared her emotions on social media, mourning her son's death.

She considered her son the love of her life and the lamp of her soul.

Sinéad felt lost without her son and described her grief as being in the bardo.

In a video, she mentioned the toll her son's death had taken on her appearance and well-being.

Sinéad's son, Shane, passed away in 2022, and she released a heartfelt statement at that time.

The news of Sinéad's death was confirmed by her family in a statement.

Sinéad had battled mental health issues over the years, including a previous incident in 2016.

The cause of Sinéad O'Connor's death remains unknown at this time.