Robert De Niro and Debra Messing starred in a 1950s mob movie filmed around Arnold's Bar & Grill Downtown.

Originally named "The Wise Guys," the film is now titled "Alto Knights."

The movie, backed by Warner Bros. Discovery, is the first original feature film after the companies' 2022 merger.

Due to strikes, the release date was moved from Feb. 2 to Nov. 15.

Barry Levinson, director of Rain Man, returned to Cincinnati for the gangster film, starring De Niro as Vito Genovese and Frank Costello.

The first screen test took place on Jan. 17 in Pasadena, Calif.

Debra Messing, Kathrine Narducci, Matt Servitto, and Cosmo Jarvis also star in the film.

Arnold's Bar & Grill was transformed into C.C. Benito's Bakery & Grocery for the movie.

Levinson's Rain Man won four Oscars in 1989, putting Cincinnati on Hollywood's map and leading to the creation of Film Cincinnati.