Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow faced a halt due to legal issues with Amber Heard.

Rumors of his return for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 circulate, fueled by a viral poster.

The poster claims a 2025 release, but it's likely fan art with no official confirmation.

Depp's return is far from confirmed; Disney and Bruckheimer haven't commented.

In 2023, Bruckheimer confirmed a sixth film's development, with completed scripts.

Depp's potential return raises questions due to Disney cutting ties post-abuse allegations.

Depp's last appearance was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017).

Rumors sparked from a viral poster suggesting Depp reprising his role.

No official confirmation yet on Johnny Depp's involvement in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Bruckheimer expressed interest in Depp's return during an interview in March 2023.

Uncertainty adds intrigue to the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.