Ivan Moody, singer of Five Finger Death Punch, celebrated the opening of his new businesses in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Moody's Rock Stop is a rock and roll-themed convenience store and fueling station for everyday "recharging."

The opening event featured live music, food trucks, and a chance to win free tickets to a concert with Papa Roach.

Moody's Rock Stop also sells Ivan Moody's personal line of specialized products and offers a discount to current and former armed service members.

Ivan Moody opened Ciara Coral, an outpatient facility focusing on addiction and mental health treatment.

The facility provides personalized treatment plans for individuals, drawing from Ivan Moody's own experiences.

Ivan Moody spoke at the event and shared his decision to relocate to Cheyenne after experiencing a storm in the area.

Five Finger Death Punch canceled European shows in May and June for Ivan Moody's recovery from hernia surgery.

Five Finger Death Punch's latest album, "AfterLife," achieved great success, reaching No. 1 on various charts worldwide.

The band has a strong track record, with 28 top 10 hit singles and 15 No. 1 singles.

Five Finger Death Punch is a renowned band that frequently plays major festivals and sell out arenas globally.