Kim Kardashian discusses her fast-paced relationship with Pete Davidson on The Kardashians' new episode.

She used the romance to escape difficulties after her divorce from Kanye West.

Kim realizes it's not healthy to run away from problems and develops a new life mantra.

Her mantra: "Deal with things first, and then allow yourself to commit emotionally to a new person."

She is committed to not dwelling on negative experiences but using them to motivate personal growth.

Kim opens up about how Kanye's actions affected her emotional well-being.

She hopes to see glimpses of the person she once loved in Kanye.

Kim has been through a lot with Kanye and is now navigating co-parenting with him for their four kids.

She now regrets jumping into a relationship with Pete amidst all the drama and uncertainty.

Kim wants to approach new relationships more cautiously in the future.

The episode humorously suggests Kim won't be dating Tom Brady next.