Kristen Bell's daughters, Lincoln and Delta, sometimes drink non-alcoholic beer and even order it at restaurants.

Bell's husband, Dax Shepard, is a recovering addict, which is why their daughters have a taste for booze-free beer.

Delta's interest in non-alcoholic beer started when she was a baby, imitating her father.

The girls have asked for non-alcoholic beer at restaurants, which Bell finds both amusing and understandable.

Bell shared a story of her daughters sipping on O'Doul's during Zoom school sessions in 2020.

She sees non-alcoholic beer as "essentially a bubbly juice" and doesn't see anything wrong with it.

Research shows that early exposure to alcohol in childhood is a risk factor for alcohol dependence later in life.

Kids who experience non-alcoholic beverage intake are still at risk for adolescent drinking.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism advises against children consuming non-alcoholic liquor.

Non-alcoholic beer can contain up to 0.5% alcohol, which may have different effects on children compared to adults.

Bell and Shepard are open and honest with their kids about his recovery and advocate for open communication with their children.