Elon Musk says Starship is ready for launch.

A test flight has been scheduled for April 17 by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Prior to the launch, SpaceX requires a launch licence.

The Starship is the world's most powerful rocket, capable of transporting humans to the Moon and Mars.

It is made up of a Super Heavy launch vehicle and a spacecraft called the Starship.

Starship has a thrust of 3,991 tonnes, which is 15% more than the Apollo Moon rocket.

To create the Starship Human Landing System for the Artemis program, SpaceX is collaborating with NASA.

The first crewed flight to the Moon will be led by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and eight artists.

Jared Isaacman will lead the Polaris III mission, Starship's first crewed flight.

For SpaceX to start Starship flights, the orbital test flight must be successfully completed.

Starship will launch from Starbase in Texas and land in the Gulf of Mexico and Kauai, Hawaii.