CNN's renowned business journalist Christine Romans announced her departure after over 24 years with the network.

The sudden announcement shocked her fans and sparked speculation about the reasons behind her exit and future plans.

Romans' departure may be driven by a desire for a fresh challenge or discomfort with recent criticisms of CNN.

Her future endeavors remain a mystery, with speculations ranging from joining another network to writing a book.

Romans' exit leaves a significant void on the morning show "Early Start," where she and co-host Ed Tobin were a dynamic duo.

CNN has witnessed a series of anchor departures recently, raising questions about the network's future and appeal to talent.

Rumors suggest Romans' departure may be linked to the show's direction, but the real reasons are unknown and could be personal.

Romans has achieved financial success with a net worth estimated to be over $5 million, thanks to her extensive career.

She is a private person, but it is known that she is 56 years old, married to former White House correspondent Michael Duffy, and a mother to three sons.

Romans prioritizes her family and maintains a healthy work-life balance, residing in Washington, D.C.

While her departure is a loss for CNN, fans are excited to see what the experienced journalist will do next in her career.