Alligators in North Carolina and Texas are surviving a cold snap by allowing pond water to freeze around them.

Videos show alligators with only their snouts and front teeth poking through the ice, enabling them to breathe.

The Swamp Park in North Carolina reported "gatorcicles," with alligators frozen inside giant ice cubes.

Gator Country in Texas also had an alligator suspended in an icy pond, as temperatures dipped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The cold snap reached 17 degrees Fahrenheit in North Carolina, posing a challenge for these cold-blooded reptiles.

Alligators enter a state of torpor called brumation, similar to hibernation, to survive frigid temperatures.

A TikTok video from Gator Country showed an alligator lying motionless in a pond, snout protruding through the icy surface.

Gary Saurage, owner of the rescue center, mentioned the alligator pushed its snout through the ice to breathe.

In freezing conditions, alligators instinctively tilt their noses up to prevent suffocation when water freezes.

Despite the extreme cold, these alligators are expected to wait for the water to thaw and resume normal activities.