OnePlus Pad is inspired by the iPad but it's not a bad thing.

The tablet has a thin bezel and a premium metal back.

The camera ring on the back is the only significant design deviation.

The power button is on the top and volume buttons on the right side.

The magnetic keyboard reminds you of the Apple magic keyboard.

The keypad is very good and offers the right amount of travel.

The display with a 7:5 ratio is one of the USPs of this device.

The display is sharp, 500 nits bright, and great for gaming.

The stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos sound great.

The OnePlus Stylo works well with the tablet and has pressure sensitivity.

The tablet handles mobile tasks like checking email and writing stories well.

The interface is intuitive and facilitates multi-tasking.

There is no lag or delay, even when saving notes or edited photographs.

The lack of a SIM slot can be compensated with cellular data sharing.

The tablet supports fast charging and can be juiced up in just an hour.

The battery life is good, even with a software update in the middle.

The tablet is a natural choice for OnePlus users looking for a larger computing screen.

The Android tablet space is finally seeing some action.

The OnePlus Pad compares well with Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo in the tablet space.

Overall the OnePlus Pad is a great content consumption device with a crisp display and great sound.