Babies have been born from the world's first sperm-injecting robot.

Engineers from Barcelona used a robotic needle to insert sperm cells into eggs.

The procedure resulted in two healthy embryos and the birth of two baby girls.

The engineer used a Sony PlayStation 5 controller to position the robotic needle.

The procedure could significantly lower the cost of IVF.

Overture Life, the startup company that developed the robot, says its device is an initial step toward automating IVF.

Currently, IVF labs require expensive and trained embryologists who handle eggs and sperm using ultra-thin hollow needles under a microscope.

Many people don't have access to fertility medicine or can't afford it.

The technology could eliminate the need for patients to visit a fertility clinic, where a single attempt at getting pregnant can cost $20,000 in the US.

The procedure is delicate, lengthy, and labour-intensive.

The procedure could make IVF far more common.