Surge in social media trends leads to emergence of Legging Legs.

Legging Legs trend idealizes "perfect" legs with thigh gaps and slimness.

TikTok witnesses over 33 million views of users showcasing "Legging Legs."

Criteria for "Legging Legs" implies specific body structures look better in leggings.

Outrage on social media as Legging Legs trend is accused of promoting body shaming.

Concerns raised about potential impact on users' body image and self-esteem.

Users criticize the trend, questioning the sudden emphasis on specific body types.

Negative recall of past trends, like the Blackout Challenge, heightens worries.

Call to stop body shaming and emphasizing that bodies are not trends.

Users express concern about the trend taking a step backward in body acceptance.

Dismissal of Legging Legs trend, asserting that anyone with legs and leggings already fits the criteria.