New footage reveals Machine Gun Kelly's altercation at the OC Fair with a fairgoer.

Megan Fox and MGK were enjoying a date night at the Orange County Fair when the incident occurred.

In the initial video, a random person seemed to throw a punch at MGK, causing a scuffle.

Security intervened, accidentally body-slamming Megan Fox into a barricade in the process.

More footage now shows that MGK may have actually thrown the first punch.

The reason for the altercation remains unclear, but tension is evident in the video.

This isn't the first time MGK has been involved in such incidents with fans.

The previous encounter in Belgium was lighthearted, as the fan had asked MGK to punch him for fun.

MGK and Megan Fox have not yet commented on the recent OC Fair incident.

The unfolding events are garnering attention and speculation.

Fans and onlookers are waiting for further updates on the situation.