Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have filed for divorce.

Joe was the first to file, hiring lawyer Laura Wasser to handle the process.

The split date is noted as July 2, with the reason being "irreconcilable differences."

They signed a prenup, meaning they will keep whatever they earned during the marriage.

Sofia is not contesting the divorce; it was apparently her idea in the first place.

Sofia has a much higher net worth than Joe, estimated at $180 million, while Joe's is $40 million.

The prenup is considered "ironclad," making the divorce process straightforward.

They do not have kids, which may have been a source of contention in their marriage.

Joe wanted children, but Sofia was not interested, given her age and having a 31-year-old son.

Joe is reportedly looking to start dating again and find a life partner to start a family with.

The divorce appears to be amicable, making the process easier for both parties.