The lightsaber is a weapon of choice for force users in the Star Wars universe.

It emits a blade of pure energy through a metal hilt with a button.

The outside of the hilt has a grip, activation switch, and emitter.

The grip is usually ribbed or covered in rubber to prevent dropping.

The activation switch appears in different forms depending on the design.

The kyber crystal is the heart of the lightsaber located inside the hilt.

Kyber crystals grow clear and gain color when chosen by a Jedi.

Most crystals become blue or green, but other variants exist.

Red kyber crystals that power the blades of Sith are an anomaly.

Red crystals are obtained by "bleeding" a Jedi's kyber crystal.

Corrupted crystals can be healed by a Jedi resulting in a white blade.

The energy generated by the power cell is forced through the kyber crystal.

The lightsaber's plasma blade can cut through most materials in the Star Wars universe.

Lightsaber wounds don't bleed due to the weapon's ability to cauterize instantly.

Certain materials like Beskar can resist the blade of a lightsaber.