Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for 40 years but never married.

Goldie questions the need for marriage, responding, "Why should we be? Isn't that a better question?"

Divorce is costly, according to Goldie, who believes it becomes big business.

Goldie's past marriages: Gus Trikonis (1969-1976) and Bill Hudson (six years, two children).

Divorce is always ugly, raising concerns about the impact on children.

Goldie values the ability to make daily decisions in her relationship with Kurt.

Goldie playfully responds to the interview on Instagram, saying, "I get asked the darndest things! (Love you Chris)."

Goldie and Kurt have always been open about not planning to marry.

They believe marriage doesn't necessarily cement a relationship.

Goldie and Kurt's adorable moments together have captivated fans.

Kurt has been a loving step-father to Goldie's children, Kate and Oliver.