Wee Man criticizes Disney for replacing little people with taller actors in the live-action "Snow White."

He sees this change as a threat to his community's job opportunities.

Wee Man compares this issue to the looming threat of artificial intelligence in Hollywood.

The actor also takes aim at Hugh Grant for playing an Oompa Loompa in the upcoming "Wonka" movie.

Peter Dinklage had previously expressed his disapproval of Disney remaking "Snow White," citing harmful typecasting of little people.

Disney's decision to cast non-little people actors is not sitting well with Wee Man.

Wee Man believes Disney's choice is a significant mistake.

The interview took place at The Apple Pan in L.A.

Wee Man's perspective contrasts with Peter Dinklage's viral tirade against the "Snow White" remake.

The debate highlights the importance of representation and opportunities for little people in the entertainment industry.