Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born in 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.

In 1933, her family fled to Amsterdam to avoid the persecution of Jews in Germany.

To avoid being sent to a concentration camp, the family went into hiding in a secret annexe above her father's office in 1942.

Along with four other people, she spent two years living in hiding.

During this period, Anne kept a diary in which she recorded her thoughts, experiences, and feelings.

The diary was published after her death and has since become famous around the world.

In 1944, the Nazis discovered Anne and her family and sent them to concentration camps.

Anne died of typhus in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp just weeks before its liberation in 1945.

Otto Frank, Anne's father, was the only survivor of the war.

Over 30 million copies of the diary have been sold worldwide and have been translated into over 70 different languages.

Anne Frank's story has become a symbol of the Holocaust's horrors as well as a reminder of the value of tolerance, understanding, and human rights.