California Gov. Gavin Newsom praises Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for dropping out of the Republican presidential race.

Newsom believes DeSantis would have been defeated in his own state if he continued the 2024 presidential bid.

Newsom criticizes DeSantis' political demeanor, describing him as "wound up" and "joyless" on the campaign trail.

The California governor questions DeSantis' understanding of his political purpose, stating he never felt DeSantis had a clear "why."

Newsom disapproves of other Republican candidates attempting to emulate Trump without a clear strategy.

According to Newsom, the idea of "out-Trumping Trump" is delusional and predictable.

Newsom doubts Nikki Haley's chances, stating he doesn't see any state she can win, including her home state of South Carolina.

Trump defeated Nikki Haley by 10 points in the New Hampshire primary.

Haley won political moderates in New Hampshire, while Trump dominated among very conservative voters.

Newsom suggests the Republican candidates' strategy was flawed, assuming Trump wouldn't run or face legal issues.