Atlantis Of Japan, The Lost City

The year was 1995! On an island in Japan, a local diver dived into the sea. For him, diving in this area was nothing new. But this time when he dived, he saw such a thing in the sea, which blew his senses away. This place is hidden in the sea of the southern coast on the “Yonaguni” island of Japan. And it has been named “Atlantis of Japan”. This is such an unsolved mystery about 10,000 years old, which has remained a puzzle for the scientists. Now what is the secret of this submerged ruins? And why has it puzzled scientists all over the world? Let us know in detail.

But before knowing the truth of this mysterious place, let us know how this place was discovered? Actually this mysterious place was discovered in the year 1995 by a local diver Kihachiro Aratake, when he went diving near the southern coast of “Yonaguni”. While diving, he saw these strange ruins here which were about six meters below the surface of the water. Seeing this, it did not take long for Kihachiro to understand that it is actually a man-made ancient ruin. After this many scientists visited the ruins to confirm this.

And the first report that came out related to this place took everyone by surprise. It was told in the report that these ruins are man-made and it is related to a lost civilization of 10,000 years old. Experts say that the ruins may have been submerged in water over time.

Apart from this, Japan’s Maritime Archaeologist “Kimura” believes that the relation of this civilization is 2 to 3 thousand years old. Where you can identify a pyramid, palace, roads, monuments and a stadium. Also they believe that these structures may be related to the ancient “Yamatai” culture of Japan.

But along with this, some scientists also consider his claim to be false. According to them, these ruins built in “Yonaguni” are a natural stone structure. Because such structures of sandstone have been seen in many other countries of the world as well. They say that the pyramids, palaces and roads that Kimura had seen are actually scratches visible on the rocks which were made due to water. To prove their claim, scientists say that Yonaguni is an earthquake zone where earthquakes often occur. In such a situation, maybe the structure of this ruin was also made due to earthquake?

It is possible that this place is man-made and it is really related to an ancient civilization of Japan. Also, there is every possibility that these ruins are nothing but a natural structure. But whatever it is, it looks very mysterious and interesting. And this is the reason that ever since its discovery, it has remained a center of attraction among divers and tourists from all over the world. Whatever may be the truth of this place, we should always enjoy the fact that there are many such mysterious places in the world, understanding the mystery of which is still a puzzle for the scientists.

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